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Well,the blog project is officialy over now.After a whole semester of hard work and hours of dedication to this particulary project,I can now afirm that Cory´s idea was kind of great.I just don´t say it is completely great because I am kind of lasy to enter in the internet,than log in,and write something.I need to be very inspired at the time I am writting,otherwise the post turns out to be lame.I support the project and advice all future english groups to also have this project,even for the lazy students,like I,to make the most use of this whole project.I know the project is kind of boring at first but you get used to it and start enjoying every single post.

You can look at this blog as the first of many english blogs from alumni,because I am 100% sure that next semester all english groups are going to make this project.


Well, at last…

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Well, the course is ending FINALLY

It seems that one more year at Alumni has passed, and that I’ve

learned at lot too.After my 7 years in this place, is hard to not feel at

home.I loved this project, I mean, I saw it in Cory’s mind.So, being a

 part of this is kinda great because we can get to know our writing

style better and just work with things that you enjoy.

A lot of stuff happened this semester as well. I met knew peoploe,

strenghthened many friendships, studied a little bit more….

So, about this, I was more excited at first, but I got a little caried

away because of tests and other events of my life… But it’s allright

 now, and it’s over. And I’ve loved the whole process, and I think

instead of doing a dull project, we have done a great blog!!

Hope you guys have a great vacation, and we’ll see each other next

year!!(I hope)


Feng Shui in the House

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I particularly do not believe in feng shui, but that is just my opinion. However since we HAVE to post about it I am dedicating a post to it.

As we have already seeing in class, Feng Shui was created thousand of years ago in China. All people who have no idea of the ´´powers´´ of feng shui and the application of it in our lives think that since it was created so long ago it is useless. However, there are many anecdotes of people whose life was positively affected just by applying some basic principles of feng shui by making small but significant changes in their lives. It can be just a coincidence or it can be real, I am not here to judge whether it is a coincidence or not, I am just here to post some basic principles of feng shui in the house.

 PS: It is up to you to apply these principles of feng shui in your own house or apartment. I don’t guarantee it works for you, but….who knows?

If you are intessed you can see more at :

Practical feng shui

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Today I’m going to write a little bit more about feng shui =D

As you all know, we’ve studied this in class.Now, I’d like to give some practical examples of how to use feng shui in your daily life.

 I was reading an article that said that in feng shui, colors are combined to the five elements, and they’re the easiest way to get good vibes in your house.I’m going to write only about one, and if you guys enjoy, you can go dig more for these thing.

FIRE- (passion and high energy)

Fire is the element of South, and fire energy is also recomended to the northeast and southwest areas in your space.

Fire colors are:

RED: It’s a color that brings passion in somebody’s life. In China, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and in India is the color that symbolizes good marriages.

ORANGE: Orange is best placed in the South and Southwest and it should be avoided  in other directions. The orange color is for spaces that need a lot of energy. So, be wise in your choices with this color.

PURPLE: In feng shui, purple needs to be used with moderation, since it’s a very strong, pulsating color and it’s connected with the seventh chakra.And you shouldn’t put it in your wall eighter, because many feng shui masters say that purple walls bring blood diseases. Use this color freely in a meditation room.

PINK: Pink is the universal color of love. It makes your heart calmer and fills it with love. A good way to use pink is to use it on the southeast area, wich is linked to love and marriage.

STRONG YELLOW: Yellow always brightens all spaces, and it creates a cozy, welcoming feeling. You can use it in children’s room or in a family room, and yellow is also a color that raises people’s self-esteem. When you have a really dark room, you should put yellow color on the walls, because it will make it more lightened.

Well guys I hope it’s helpfull. I’ll try this tips and see if they’re true.Oh, I took the information of this site right here:

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Well, good news guys!!

As all of you know, Brazil’s going to be the location of the next World Cup!! It’s really great news right?!?

It’s a really cool thing when the country gains with this too you know?!? I mean, thinking about it, tell me how many years would take for the government to take such a big step in transportation and structure if there weren’t a cup? New train lines are being constructed, subways and road improvements as well.

This shows also, how serious our country is don’t you think? People waste precious hours of their time with bad qualitty transportation and all the sudden the pope, or any superficial event that calls international attention comes and boom, improvements which seemed impossible because of the lack of money are now being made.

Well, at least, I’m going to see the cup here =D That’s the most important thing right?!?

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Well, today I’m going to talk about H&M, which is a very big store and brand around the world.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been launched in Brazil yet, but I truly hope it does soon.

So, for those of you who don’t know H&M, I’m gonna say a little bit more about it’s story.

H&M was established in Sweden in 1947.Since then, it has opened 14oo stores around the globe.The brand is known because of it’s quality clothes in very good prices, and it doesn’t only sells clothes, but also cosmetics.

H&M has also a the sims expansion, which is a kind cool way of marketing.In the game you can buy clothes as fashion as real life, which is a relief, because I don’t know if any of you have ever played the sims, but the clothing designers should be fired.

And just recently, Roberto Cavalli has just signed a contract with H&M to release a new collection for this fall. The italian designer is well known and loved for his sensual rock style and ability to show off personalities. And this is where I found the idea for this post:

Quotas for state Universities

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Since our oral presentation this month will be about quotas, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show my point of view and my arguments, by dedicating my free post on this polemic topic.

First I want to make clear that I am only in favor of quotas for underprivileged and state school students and am against racial quotas since there is no certain method to differ a tanned or a Indian person from a black person, and also because black students aren’t all poor and miserable, there are some who can afford a private school and have plenty opportunity to get in a state university.

My point of view is that state schools are very problematic and inefficient compared to our private schools, the course is not the same, many time the students have family problems, haven’t got supportive parents, are obligated to work on streets in order to make some money to buy food, what makes even more difficult for them to get in a state university. The public school lacks quality, material such as computers, blackboards, pencils, well experienced teacher, structure and safety. Therefore the competition for a seat in university is totally unfair, and that is why the state must approve quotas for the underprivileged and state school students, so that underprivileged and state school students could have a chance to improve their education and therefore their life.

The private school students have the chance of paying a preparatory course for the state school exam, if they don’t pass at first, and they also have the money to pay a private university that can be as good as a state university. But what about the underprivileged and state school students? They can’t afford a preparatory course for the state school exam and neither a private university, and since the public school can’t compete equally with the private school in terms of giving the same opportunity for the student get in a state university. What can they do? Clean the streets? Collect garbage? Be a bus driver?

Quotas for underprivileged and state school students give them the opportunity to make the competition for a seat on a public university fairer for them. It gives them the chance to have a well paid job, and a worthy future.

The people who are against quotas for state universities may counter argument that quotas are unfair for the students who worked hard all year, studying and getting prepared for the exam, because the underprivileged and state school students won’t be able to keep up with the course and might fail. Well, in my opinion this is a really selfish thought of the private students who use this argument because they just want to preserve their future seat on the state university, and who also believe that poor people should remain poor and uneducated. If a public school student was able to get in the state university, he must have studied really hard and he must have been relentless on his pursuit for a seat on university, even more than private school students, and therefore he will continue studying and doing his best to keep up with the university.