Thirteen Things I want to do next vacations
1.Travel to Riviera´s beach with all my friends

2.Read the book ´´A thousand Splendid Suns´´from Khaled Hosseini,the writer who wrote ´´The Kite Runner´´

3.Start having guitar lessons

4.Go to my cousin´s,ALine,wedding

5.Spend Christmas day with all my family

6.Spend New year´s day ate Rio de Janeiro,and see the fireworks from Copacabana´s beach

7.Spend a whole month in London with no parents at all

8.Learn how to play rugby

9.Go to disney with my cousins,parents and my granmother

10.Make a cruise that will sail across the carribean islands

11.Take a sun bath on miami´s beach

12.Buy a X-Box 360 in U.S.A. duty free

13.Enjoy th whole vacation as it was my last one,and without any concern about school or anything that would ruin my vacations.

I guess that is.I just hope acomplishing each one of the itens above


~ by pedraum on September 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “”

  1. nice…it seems you like to travel a lot…I like to travel too but I’ve never gone to London nor disney…hope you can acomplish theses items and congratulations for your cousin.

  2. I feel like I got to know you a bit better now after reading your post- sounds like you’re gonna be busy on your next vacation!

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