My best trip

I was looking at Carol’s thirteenth list and I saw something that really caught my eyes. She said that her best ever was to Europe in 2006 and that she visited London and Paris. It was a surprising coincidence because my best trip was also to Europe, I also visited London and Paris, and as surprising as it seems, it was also in 2006.i am not kidding!!!Last year I went to Europe with my parents. At first we went to Lisbon and spend a few days there at my aunt’s house, taking care of her 2 year old son, who is my nephew. Then we went by plane to London. I was amazed with the city.It´s old buildings from the X century, mixed with a modern and technological center. Simply wonderful.Afterwards we went by train to Paris, another lovely city that you can’t find in America. But to be honest London was my favorite, and therefore, I am planning on spend a whole month in London, maybe next year, in January .I am looking forward to go there, and I can’t stop thinking on that marvelous city.

I don’t know how I haven’t met Carol meanwhile we were there. Maybe in different months or even different weeks. But one thing is for sure. That was also the best trip in my life.

For thoso who were interested,i added a link of London´s sightseen guide. 


~ by pedraum on October 15, 2007.

One Response to “My best trip”

  1. I spent six months living in London when I was 18. It was fun although I found it tough to make a living there. Things were so expensive and my job sucked so bad I never had time, money or energy left to enjoy the city. I plan to go back and change the impression it left me with..

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