TV Addiction

I was surfing trough wordpress´s blogs and I saw one blog that really caught my eyes. Because since we were talking about it on the beginning of the semester I thought it would be interest to post something about it.As you can see on the guy´s blog,he is hooked on to different TV series and so am I. 

It is incredible how addictive television can be. Right now I am addicted to 3 different series: Heroes, Lost and Two and a half man. And it is really weird because I feel the urge to watch them every single time they are on air, and if I dont watch any one of them ,somehow, I would go mad thinking of what did I miss on each series and I regret  for missing out the opportunity of watching them.

It is really hard to overcome these addiction,because I guess television has become essential for our lives,it has become a fundamental part of our daily routine.It is really strange to think how life would be without the television.


~ by pedraum on October 23, 2007.

One Response to “TV Addiction”

  1. ever thought of a support group for TV addicts? lol

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