Well, good news guys!!

As all of you know, Brazil’s going to be the location of the next World Cup!! It’s really great news right?!?

It’s a really cool thing when the country gains with this too you know?!? I mean, thinking about it, tell me how many years would take for the government to take such a big step in transportation and structure if there weren’t a cup? New train lines are being constructed, subways and road improvements as well.

This shows also, how serious our country is don’t you think? People waste precious hours of their time with bad qualitty transportation and all the sudden the pope, or any superficial event that calls international attention comes and boom, improvements which seemed impossible because of the lack of money are now being made.

Well, at least, I’m going to see the cup here =D That’s the most important thing right?!?


~ by badtrip on November 5, 2007.

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  1. i feel you!
    and how much money will get embezzled in the process- remember the panamerican games stories?
    i get a bittersweet feeling about it too, after all, we are soccerland…
    remindes me of Rome’s bread and circus policy, don’t you think?

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