Practical feng shui

Today I’m going to write a little bit more about feng shui =D

As you all know, we’ve studied this in class.Now, I’d like to give some practical examples of how to use feng shui in your daily life.

 I was reading an article that said that in feng shui, colors are combined to the five elements, and they’re the easiest way to get good vibes in your house.I’m going to write only about one, and if you guys enjoy, you can go dig more for these thing.

FIRE- (passion and high energy)

Fire is the element of South, and fire energy is also recomended to the northeast and southwest areas in your space.

Fire colors are:

RED: It’s a color that brings passion in somebody’s life. In China, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and in India is the color that symbolizes good marriages.

ORANGE: Orange is best placed in the South and Southwest and it should be avoided  in other directions. The orange color is for spaces that need a lot of energy. So, be wise in your choices with this color.

PURPLE: In feng shui, purple needs to be used with moderation, since it’s a very strong, pulsating color and it’s connected with the seventh chakra.And you shouldn’t put it in your wall eighter, because many feng shui masters say that purple walls bring blood diseases. Use this color freely in a meditation room.

PINK: Pink is the universal color of love. It makes your heart calmer and fills it with love. A good way to use pink is to use it on the southeast area, wich is linked to love and marriage.

STRONG YELLOW: Yellow always brightens all spaces, and it creates a cozy, welcoming feeling. You can use it in children’s room or in a family room, and yellow is also a color that raises people’s self-esteem. When you have a really dark room, you should put yellow color on the walls, because it will make it more lightened.

Well guys I hope it’s helpfull. I’ll try this tips and see if they’re true.Oh, I took the information of this site right here:


~ by badtrip on November 10, 2007.

One Response to “Practical feng shui”

  1. thanks for sharing!
    i liked how you color coded the text- gave me good vibes – could it have been feng shui in action? (joking with you )

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